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Meet my Family

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Family is important....

Family is what grounds me. Left to Right Jaydan, Jonathan, LaToya, Charles, Celena and Jhase (front)

Shayla, Zarah & Journey (Not pictured)

Photo Courtesy: Stephanie Stovall Photography

“Family is the key piece to my very intricate puzzle”

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My Family!

Some may wonder how I keep up with so many things. It is very challenging I must say. Each one is gifted in their own way. All in some form of art. But yet we still find ways to work together. Three of them are grown and living out their dreams, one is finishing High School and heading to college soon and the 3 little ones are blossoming. Each day a new challenge presents itself as an opportunity for us to reflect, plan and execute. We must keep working hard to be our best version of ourselves.

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