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Thank you!

LaToya is appointed to Groveport Madison Local Schools Board of Education.

Find full article here:

“I find it a true pleasure to serve my community!”

Thank you Message!

Greetings everyone,

I must THANK God, and I am honored that the Lord saw fit for me to be appointed to serve the community I have resided in over the past 14 years. I have had a lot of trouble writing this due to being quite overwhelmed. Those that know me, know that I am shy and an introvert. However, when the occasion arises you will never know that.

Even though, I would certainly be remiss if I did not thank the Groveport Madison Schools' Board of Education. Thank you for believing in me and my desire to serve our children, families, educators, district leadership, and our community. I do not take this opportunity lightly, and I am forever grateful/humbled by your vote. I look forward to working with all of you as we press towards one of the most difficult seasons in education, and I am up for the challenge.

To my family: I am who I am because of ALL you. I hope that daily I make you proud Mom, Dad, Papas, Grandma, Uncles, and Aunts. Each of you has taught me so much. Mommy, Linda Howard your hard work, selflessness, full heart, encourager, NEVER GIVE UP and caring attitude. Daddy, your go get it and Mr. Fix ways. My Uncle Calvin Cunningham, always showing me that the stars are reachable. Uncle Dana Dowdell, being the absolute coolest and fun Uncle a little girl could ask for (Mr. Claw and my head is swollen insider). My Aunt Gayle Wilson, man she has been my other mom/fairy godmother, and she may not have known. I have always tried to make sure I take pride in my name "Dowdell", because she taught me what it MEANS. And MY ONLY SISTER Tonya Dowdell, always, ride or die, and always proud of me no matter what!

To my mentors Rev. Dr. Jon McReynolds and BG Jill Faris, thank you for being Godly, scholarly, and a pristine example of what public service should be.

To my Big Sister Lori Diaz for referring me to the person that took a chance on me and believed in me before I believed in myself. Providing my first chance in the political spectrum, Judge Stephanie Mingo. All I can say is God truly has a plan.

To everyone who shared, text, called, IM, FB Messaged me... THANK YOU. Your girl is forever grateful.

Just to encourage you all, keep going, and don't just quote the quote "Be the change you wish to see". Truly, BECOME the change you wish to see.

I guess I have to update my hashtags at some point. But I will keep the standard one for now. I LOVE YOU GUYS dearly! #alwaysworking #alwaysserving

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